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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Other Side of Normal

The pop culture in which we live makes unattainable demands on us, and we've given it our power. The media in particular has far too much sway over what we think, eat, and wear. It tells us how to spend our time, who to spend it with, and that if we'll just change one more thing, we'll be perfect--we'll be acceptable. The irony here is that it hasn’t had an original thought in decades. It feeds on insecurity, gossip, and innuendo has replaced genuine investigative journalism. No longer is truth its guidon. Truth doesn’t sell. Titillation and sensation replace honesty and integrity, and we stampede over one another to gorge on the latest lie.

In its soulless way, the media machine pounds at our self-esteem, and self-concept, dissolving every semblance of originality, humanity, and individuality. It trills its unholy message with relentless predictability, carving gashes into our psyche. It emasculates men, and masculinizes women. This process is not dissimilar to the way in which a pedophile grooms his victims. We're massaged into a suggestible stupor so that we will accept abhorrent teachings; our power to self-govern ekes away. Placed into the hands of a grotesque machine fueled by warped human husks that have no regard for us, our persons, or our souls.

Take back your power! Retrain your brain! Learn to think again!

Just when this transfer of power occurred, no one knows. It doesn’t matter as much as understanding the toxic effect it’s had on our culture. When did our values change—our values as a nation? When did we decide that the Kim Kardashians of this world deserved millions while daycare workers (the people we trust to care for our children) don’t even make a living wage? What have the KK’s of this world contributed to anyone’s life?

Somebody needs a dope slap.

We spend money on what’s important to us. Where are your dollars going? Do you ever think about that? We spend time on what’s important to us. Where are you spending your time? Many delude themselves claiming to value things they really do not. Take a look at just those two things: time and money. They’ll tell you what you really love. Actions, in this case, speak louder than words.

For me, I will not give my power to anyone—certainly not to an entity who proves itself cruel and vindictive, judgmental and caustic. I will not roll over and let a warped ideology dictate what I should think, eat, drink, do, or wear. I am myself and will remain so happily thumbing my nose at a machine that calls good evil and evil good. I invite you to join me.

Take back your power! Retrain your brain! Learn to think again!

I Love Dancing in the Leaves

I Love Dancing in the Leaves
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