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Friday, November 21, 2008

Beginning with Jesus

I spent the morning with Jesus: in His word, in worship, in song. I am struck by how profoundly beginning each day alone with Him impacts me. It changes me, and sets the tone for the remainder of my day. In these times of intimacy, I become more the woman He intended from the before the foundation of the world. He had in mind a particular person when He crafted me (and you). When I make special time for Him, we grow together, He is put in His proper place (first) and this time becomes an act of worship. He comes before everything else.

I've often struggled with creating a place and time that is just for Him but the effort has been worth it. A certain sweetness is now a component of our time together. The world screams that if we aren't doing something, we're not being productive. This attitude has even infiltrated the church. As a result, many are more human-doings than human beings. Yet, with God, becoming is what it's all about--the process is more important than personal achievement. This gets convoluted when church is added to the mix. Many equate being busy with real accomplishment. Busyness often masks real work but it is tempting to our flesh because it looks like we're productive. In worship, with no distractions, no interruptions from phones, computers, radios, or television, I've learned that He is able to do more in a half hour than I can in weeks. All I need do is submit and let Him; get out of His way.

While it may not seem like a huge lesson to some, for high-octane folk like me, being still before Him is a daunting challenge. And it is in my mornings with Jesus that He centers me, restores me, and renews me.


Jenny M. said...

Thank you for your encouraging and uplifting words about morning devotions. Hubby and I finally started Bible reading & prayer over our first cup of coffee, and since we both work at home, it's do-able and has become a precious, don't miss time for us.

Debbi said...

Hello, Jenny: Good to hear from you. I loved your blog about fun and weirdness. If anyone deserves the sweet joy of life, you do. I am happy God has provided this for you. Have a happy Thanksgiving.


Jane said...

Debbi - as you know I love my early (and I mean early) morning devotion times! Good for you - making that morning time (albeit not as early) to be with Jesus first and receive the blessing of strength for the day, as well as growth and sweet fellowship with Jesus -makes it so worth it, doesn't it!

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