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Monday, November 24, 2008

It's All In The Timing

To everything there is a season--a perfect point in time when the blossom opens and conditions for fulfillment are perfect. The trouble is that most of us don't want to "waste time" waiting for that divinely inspired moment. Yet, the Bible brims with examples that teach doing things God's way and in His time will reap tremendous benefits. Last Sunday in the morning service, the Spirit spoke to us: Be still and know that I am God, be still and see the salvation of the Lord. Wow.

When we strive by our own human efforts to achieve for God, we often leave Him in the dust. We often do this in His name and for His cause. But, it is God's habit to work in His unique style and in His perfect time. While this aggravates and confounds many, it makes perfect sense. He's the one with the plan and the wherewithal to carry it out. It stands to reason to wait on Him and then move when and how He directs.

King David is a perfect example of how to wait on God. Twice he had Saul in his grasp and could easily have killed him. If anyone deserved to be helped into the next world surely it was Saul. If you'll read the account in 1 Samuel 24, David again had Saul within reach, his men whispered in his ear, "Today the Lord is telling you, ‘I will certainly put your enemy into your power, to do with as you wish," (NLT). Yet, even with what--by human standards--would be viewed as a God-inspired opportunity to avenge, David did not move but waited for God. Amazing.

To the eye, things often seem correct and the timing perfect but let's learn the lesson David so aptly exampled: to everything there is a season and only God knows the right way and time to bring a thing to fruition.

Perhaps no where is this more applicable than to the struggling writer. I've met countless who are sincere in relating that they know God has told them to write. Yet, in their struggle to get into publication, they often lose sight of God's purpose and timing. Writing and publishing are two very different things.

Many do not want to be still and learn, be still and network, be still and improve their craft. Many either give up or take the reins into their own hands and self-publish., thumbing their noses at the establishment. The next time you're on an author's website, or better yet, at a writer's conference, ask an author how long it took them to get published. Ask what steps they had to take in order to improve their craft. Their answers might surprise you.

The commonality is that they, too, believed God wanted them to write. The difference is that they were willing to close their eyes in simple trust, learn their craft, and wait for God's timing. If God has called you to write, write. Be faithful to the calling and message, focus on Him--not getting published. Do all that you can to improve your craft and remain teachable. Then, leave the results up to Him.

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Jane said...

Debbi, my writer friend and lover of chocolate! Wonderful wise writer words. Good counsel as well. To study to show ourselves God....not man....and to marinate in his spirit until those words are crafted just right; "a word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver."

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