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Sunday, January 11, 2009

As I Sit Before the Lord

The world can be a cruel place. Daily I am bombarded by shallowness and the "every man for himself" mentality. It's difficult to feel valued in such an environment. I work hard to shut out the callousness and hollow shout of the world but some days it pounds down on me. So, I drag my battered self home. Home and into my room for time alone with Jesus. Oh, what a blessed sanctuary surrounded by worship music and His presence.

He is my one remedy. As I sit before the Lord, it is a sacred trust; I pour out my self to Him. He, in turn, mends me and teaches me who He is. Often there are only tears but tears, He understands. He listens, comforts, encourages and speaks peace to me.

As I sit before the Lord, in the quietness, I understand how much He values me and what my purpose is. I am restored and rejuvenated there and I always leave more whole than when I came in. I have no clue how He does it but He is the Master at soothing a savaged soul.

As I sit before the Lord, I often enter feeling very small but leave realizing how important I am to Him; His gentle assurance resonates deep within me. I find that I cannot hold onto the faulty shouts from the world. I cannot believe that there is no hope. Time with Him erases the lies and firmly reestablishes His truth. He redirects my focus.

I will not measure up to the world's standard for its origins are foreign to me. But I will always measure up in His eyes. I cherish my moments alone with Him and have learned not only His works but His ways. His heart is large and He never ceases to uplift. As one might expect, He always has the right nugget of truth to share. Restoration occurs deep within my being faithfully as I sit before the Lord.

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Jane said...

As I read this, the song we sometimes sing floated into my mind, "In the presence of Jehovah, God Almighty, Prince of Peace,troubles vanish, hearts are mended,in the presence of the King! I too am thankful that when the world shuts us out or oppresses us - devalues us or just makes us weary, we can come into the loving presence of our Father, and he receives us - bringing restoration to our spirits. I could feel your pain and pathos - but also the hope and healing that comes in His presence. Beautifully stated.

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I Love Dancing in the Leaves
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