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Monday, March 30, 2009

He Must Increase

I've lost a total of 137 pounds. That's not the amazing part of my weight loss journey. The amazing part is how I lost it. No surgeries, no fad diets, starvation, or bizarre exercise regimes. In fact, if exercise had been a requirement, I wouldn't have started dieting. No, the amazing part is Jesus. Pure. Simple. And true.

My story isn't much different from every other woman who struggles with weight. Hundreds of fad diets and commercial lies later, I was bigger than ever and miserable. I could barely walk, let alone stand. In a real way, prisoner to my own body.

The odd thing about my weight loss is that I had given up. I'd kept telling myself the lie that "I'll start it someday." Jesus spoke to my heart one afternoon and I picked up a faith-based weight loss book. I committed to reading and applying 1 chapter. That's how it started. But over the next 2 years, what happened that astounded me was not the weight loss but the intimacy with Jesus.

As I learned about the fact that I had made food an idol, that I worshiped it, and that, if I gave up my idol and worshiped Jesus, I was becoming healthy on the inside as well as the outside. Much of why I ate was because of deep wounding, boredom, comfort. I found that when I let Jesus in to heal these things, I no longer craved intimacy with food but Him.

He nourished me in true and healing ways. Food did not. He comforted my broken spirit. Food did not. He made me feel loved and cared for. Food did not. What an idiot I'd been for thinking food had some sort of magical power. The reality is that food is fuel and nothing more. It has no real power. That's the way it is with idols. The only power they have is what we give them. Food was not my friend. It did not care whether I lived or died--a high price to pay to this idol.

I'll take Jesus, thank you.

Because of His constant and faithful attention, I am more whole today than I ever thought possible. I share a depth and intimacy with Him, I thought was only for a few favored ones. I am profoundly changed not only physically but spiritually. I'll never be the same again all because, He cared enough to teach me to trade an abusive idol for a God who is real, powerful and alive. An awesome God who loves every single thing about me!

In a true sense, the words of John the Baptist ring clear. "He must increase, I must decrease." Because I let Him increase in my heart and life, I literally decreased in size. While John was not referring to this specifically, the principle of my weight loss is encapsulated therein.


Kathy S. said...

Praise God!! I am so excited for you! Just came over here from Twitter...still figuring it out!

A_Heart_Like_Mine said...

I never knew about the weight loss. How absolutely cool is that! Not an easy thing to do. This article is so encouraging. Thank you for writing it. I hope a lot of people read it. Such a good example of the love of Jesus sustaining us. 8^)

Anonymous said...
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