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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Search for Significance

In a world bombarded with skewed thinking, shallowness, and empty dreams, it is easy to get off course and begin to believe that life is about being thin, beautiful, and plastic. It is easy to believe that my worth is in how much money I make, the prestige of my position, and the model of car I drive. It seems that to qualify and compete in today's ever changing ideal of feminine, I am required to have Starbuck's relationships, artificial nails, the right hair cut, and the depth of a birdbath.

What if I am different? What if I want real rather that the plastic life the world offers? Where do I search for such a life? Does it even exist? Is there a place I can go where I am fully accepted--just like I am? Fat, wrinkled, old, poor, whatever--a place where none of these things matter? Does such a utopia exist?

Is there a person who would accept me as I am, foibles and all? I can be rather hard to like sometimes, will I still be received with open arms? As much as I might like to think otherwise, I can be disagreeable and even unpleasant. I'm a noisy, sometimes brassy individual who says the wrong thing sometimes. Is there such a person who would love me anyway? Who would love me as I am but love me too much to leave me like I am?

There is such a place. There is such a Person. His name is Jesus. He's the only One who's ever loved me unconditionally and appropriately. He accepts me exactly like I am but refines and chips away the lies I believed to reveal the truth of who I am. He created me and only He knows the truest part and purpose of my being. He's been faithful to me when I've been unfaithful to Him. He's been loving and present even at the ugliest, most difficult parts of my life. He shares it all and has never once shirked His responsibility or commitment to me. I stand in awe of His magnificent, impeccable character and count myself privileged that He'd allow me to share His heart.


Warren A. Young said...

I like it.

Jane said...

Debbi - as ever - your words carry a depth of meaning, value and significance, especially in a world filled with vanity, pride and self-indulgence. The truth sparkles and shines in comparison to the drab counterfeit the world offers. You and the Apostle Paul would have had some good conversation over your foibles - and did you say "brassy"? ha He had you beat by a yard! You're in excellent company - Jesus likes people like you - and Me!

Shelley D said...

I love your forthrightness. Thank you for the simple words of truth that you express so freely. I'm new to blogging and have been trying to find my niche among my so many undeveloped interests. I love stopping here.

I have also been thinking about how to tell of my salvation, but wasn't quite sure how. Your TTT looked me right in the face. You are a blessing!

Wes Bridel said...

Thanks for the great post Debbi, I've just today read a report of the Church in China and I am humbled to again know that there are people in this world living life the way Jesus taught more completely than anyone I know. I write about these things, but my life doesn't compare to theirs.

Jesus is the life, and the more we can strip away our cleaving to this world, the more we will find true life!

perrymanliz said...

Debbi, my faith is very simple, Jesus saw me at my worst and loved me still the same. I tried to leave him but he still loved me enough to take me back.

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conarnold said...

This is a beautiful post, Debbi! You have truly found significance in the midst of this world of trying to make more money and have more prestige. What a blessing it is that Jesus accepts us as we are and loves us!

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I Love Dancing in the Leaves
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