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Monday, August 10, 2009

Ever Had Your Ears Pinned Back?

Pastor pinned my ears back yesterday. As I sat in the service listening to his message, the Holy Spirit nudged me repeatedly. Pastor shared a passage that he's resourced these 50 years; it is of primary import for Godly leaders. Here it is in it's entirety:

If God has called you to be truly like Jesus in all your spirit, He will draw you into a life of crucifixion and humility. He will put on you such demands of obedience that you will no be allowed to follow other Christians. In many ways, He seems to let other good people do things which He will not let you do.

Others who seem to be very religious and useful, may push themselves, pull wires, and scheme to carry out their plans, but you cannot. If you attempt it, you will meet with such failure and rebuke from the Lord as to make you sorely penitent.

Others can brag about themselves, their work, their successes, their writings, but the Holy Spirit will not allow you to do any such thing. If you begin to do so, He will lead you into some deep mortification that will make you despise yourself and all your good works.

Others will be allowed to succeed in making great sums of money, or having a legacy left to them, or in having luxuries, but God may supply you only on a day-to-day basis, because He wants you to have something far better than gold, a helpless dependence on Him and His unseen treasury.

The Lord may let others be honored and put forward while keeping you hidden in obscurity because He wants to produce some choice, fragrant fruit for His coming glory, which can only be produced in the shade. God may let others be great, but keep you small He will let others do a work for Him and get the credit, but He will make you work and toil without knowing how much you are doing. Then, to make your work still more precious, He will let others get the credit for the work which you have done; this is to teach you the message of the Cross, humility, and something of the value of being cloaked with His nature.

The Holy Spirit will put a strict watch one you, and with a jealous love rebuke you for careless words and feelings, or for wasting your time which other Christians never seem distressed over. So make up your mind that God is an infinite Sovereign and has a right to do as He pleases with His own, and that He may not explain to you a thousand things which may puzzle your reason in His dealings with you. God will take you at your word; if you absolutely sell yourself to be His slave, He will wrap you up in a jealous love and let other people say and do many things that you cannot.

Settle it forever; you are to deal directly with the Holy Spirit, He is to have the privilege of tying your tongue or chaining your hand or closing your eyes in ways which hers are not dealt with. However, know this great secret of the Kingdom; When you are so completely possessed with the Living God that you are, in your secret heart, pleased and delighted over this peculiar, personal, private, jealous guardianship and management of the Holy Spirit over your life, you will have found the vestibule of heaven, the high calling of God.

Author: G.D. Watson


heather said...

That was awesome! Thanks for sharing. I love that line, "a helpless dependence on Him and His unseen treasury."
Helpless dependence - yes, Lord! So beautiful. So powerful!

echidiime onwudinjo said...

Wow, that message rung so true. I think my ears, too, were pulled back as well. I am currently blogging about what I see to be my wilderness journey, which has been going on for some time now. It is sometimes frustrating to be humbled so much that people wonder whether God you claim to serve actually still cares about you. However, it is comforting to know that God disciplines and prunes and refines those He truly calls His own. Thanks for the twitter add and also for sharing this message.

barwalzun on twitter said...

I have read this before and sometimes feel like it's me.

Sault Boat Watcher said...

Thank you for sharing this thought-provoking blog. The next time I feel different from those around me, I will recognize it as the leading of the Holy Spirit in my life.

A_Heart_Like_Mine said...

Wow, reminds me of an 18th century writer--Fenelon. My ears were pinned back and my eyes pinned open! Thank you for the powerful reminder of who we work for and why we are here!

Jane said...

I too heard this message and wondered if it affected you as deeply as it did me. I said to myself, "Now that explains a lot." I am so thankful that the Holy Spirit cares so deeply for me that He is willing to take me to the woodshed occasionally - to deepen a truth, and lead me where I would not choose necessarily to go - but where I must if I would please Him. Thanks for sharing it again.

Christine Prescott said...

Don't blame your pastor! I once preached a sermon called "Pastor, You're Stepping on My Foot" (just like getting your ears pinned back). The point was, when you feel the pain don't blame the pastor. He/she is just the vessel. Blame the Holy Spirit.

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