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Monday, December 28, 2009

God's Got a Plan

As I prayerfully consider the coming year, I focus on what God would have me do in terms of writing. I contemplate mountains of mediocre Christian fiction and pray for the knowledge and ability to hone my skills to a higher level. When I stand before Him I do not want to hear: "Well, at least you tried."

Personally, mediocrity nauseates me.

I've never found it to be an acceptable quality for a Christian and it should be the bane of a Christian leader's existence. Yet, the reality is that one only need look at the nearest discount book table to see the overwhelming result of inferior effort and compromise. Writers sell out at an alarming rate. Somewhere in the pursuit, purity of intent and purpose changes.

Compromising Biblical values also nauseates me.

Too few Christians even know what a Biblical worldview is, let alone live by it. Evidence is clear and abundant: Christian vampire books, Christian fantasy and horror, Christian eroticism. Read the Book, there is nothing Christian about such things. In fact, God sent His Son to be cruelly murdered so we can be free from these bondages. To profit by them--especially in the name of God--is repugnant and frankly, a slap in God's face. But there are many "Christian" writers who convince themselves that God told them to write and look, see, my book is published so that means God likes it too.

Again, read the Book. It means nothing of the sort.

Back to prayerful consideration of my 2010 plan. Here's my revelation so far: It's not my plan. Looking back over my life, I've had scads of goals but He's always managed to direct me exactly where He wants. I am thankful for this. I'm taking three days this week to spend alone with Him developing my specific course for next year. Experience has taught me it's a much better way to approach planning. The reality is my proposal means nothing. His plan is all that matters. It stands to reason that He's the one I should seek in the building of it.

My focus for the coming year is to follow the plan He gives me and to do it with honesty, integrity, and uncompromisingly. When I stand before Him, I don't want to be ashamed of one word, one motive, one tittle. I want to hear Him say: Well done. You stayed faithful. You did not sell out.


Jackie Houchin said...

Wow! What a wonderful blog posting, a wake up call for all of us Christian writers (well, Christian what-evers). Thank you for speaking boldly, passionately and honestly. I will try to follow your example for my New Year's plans. And I remember what God does with something "luke warm" according to revelation. Blessings on your submissive adventure in 2010.

Butch Maltby said...

Thanks for the reminder. Shalom.....

Anonymous said...

Tremendous message and encouragement

Mark said...

Great post - I agree

A_Heart_Like_Mine said...

Wow, Debbi--you go! Hope your three days are peaceful and give you the vision of God's plan for 2010!

Jane said...

Debbi - your sentiments are mine exactly! I appreciate your boldness and honesty, as well as the motivation of your heart. I know that you want to serve God with all your heart - uncompromisingly - and I believe HE is pleased indeed with your desire. I'm praying that you will find abundant avenues for your writing adventures in 2010! Many blessings, my friend!

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