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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why Don't We Call Sin Sin?

I'm a thinker. I'm a Christian. Naturally, I think a lot about the state of Christianity in America. Doesn't everyone? In one of my many moments of musing, a thought struck me: Why don't we call sin sin anymore? Too archaic? Too negative? It got voted out?

I was not informed we were voting on this.

As the church in America slumps ever closer to lethargy and uselessness, I have to ask when we all got together and decided to get rid of this derogatory word. It's a bummer, you know, to tell someone they're sinning. It's not nice. Mean, in fact. If we call sin sin, they won't come to our churches, they won't join our youth groups, they won't put money in the offering plate.

Someone should have told Jesus. He still uses the word.

The church's warm embrace of a secular worldview is evident in such things as: sin isn't sin anymore. It's now issues, or problems, or weaknesses, or, my personal favorite, addictions. No one is responsible for their choices--it's OCD, MPD or chemical imbalance but it's not because I choose to break God's commandments and do as I please. That would make me a--dare I say it?--sinner.

As a friend put it, "it's a way of removing personal responsibility. It's easy to argue that weakness or issues are not our fault or in our control. However, if we call our choices sin we have to acknowledge that we're responsible for the choices we make--and the repercussions that follow."

Ouch. That's mean. She must have issues.

This is one evidence that the world has effectively infiltrated the church. It's getting so you can't tell a church service from a football game. Here are a few things I've witnessed in church during the service: A woman tweezing her chin hairs, a man eating his child's entire bag of apple slices. People listening to football games, walking on the padded pews with shoes on, drinking lattes and sodas--and these are the adults. Cell phone conversations and texting abound during the service. I gotta ask: Why are these people in church? Do we check our manners at the door? Who decided that worship is no longer about God? If someone came into your home and treated you with as much disrespect, how would you feel?

In the Message, Paul put it like this: "...I find that you bring your divisions to worship--you come together, and instead of eating the Lord's Supper, you bring in a lot of food from the outside and make pigs of yourselves. Some are left out, and go home hungry. Others have to be carried out, too drunk to walk. I can't believe it! Don't you have your own homes to eat and drink in? Why would you stoop to desecrating God's church? Why would you actually shame God's poor? I never would have believed you would stoop to this. And I'm not going to standby and say nothing." 1 Corinthians 11:20-22.

God deserves better than this, people. Give Him His props.

The tragic thing is that we've traded the power of God for the tinsel of social acceptance. We aren't able to touch our communities, our world anymore--not in any relevant way. If you're child was dying of an incurable disease, would you take him to your church to be healed? Oh, right. Take him to the hospital. We don't need God for that anymore. People, God is still God. He is still Almighty. He is still all powerful. The problem isn't with Him, it's with us. We've grown all warm and cozy with pet sins--pardon me, issues. We're victims with no responsibility for our actions. We can't help the things we do.

Liar. Well, that's what it amounts to. Okay, I'll buy deluded but that's as far as I'll stretch.

I've said all that to say this: The church in America is in trouble. Many no longer proclaim God's word but have drifted to the safe, feel-good topics that won't offend anyone (They're making millions, by the way). I've illuminated a few but these are signs that the church is losing it's power. We're trying to blend in with the world and still be Christian. It can't be done. This is a sell-out and renders the Church neutered, ragged and ineffective.

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Louis Edwards said...

Your so right. But they're sill a few Church's that haven't bowed a knee to this world. And those that have taken a stand are few in number and members. In the end it will be worth it all.


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