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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Belly of the Whale

Life stinks sometimes. Not a warm and fuzzy truth but true nonetheless. Yet, no mountain is insurmountable to God. No challenge puts Him off His game. Nothing is intimidating to Him. Evil, darkness, opposition, and failure aren't even factors He considers. These simply are too insignificant to enter into the equation--or His plans.


Jonah must have had these thoughts bobbing around inside the big fish. I think about people like Jonah when I am low. I consider God's truths and embrace them. I hang onto them in the face of opposition. With them I spit in the eye of defeat. I hold on to these everlasting truths not because of my tenacity, my strength, my anything.

They are true and abiding in surety not because of anything I've done. They are sure because of their Author. God's character, not mine, is the reason evil and darkness flee when His light is in me; opposition and failure are tools He uses to craft me into that unique person He saw from before the foundations of the earth.


Perhaps my greatest challenge--and yours--is to quit striving to achieve His promises. Perhaps the task is to rest in Him, allowing Him to work, trusting Him to be actively working to fulfill His word. It makes sense: It's His word, He's obligated to keep it.

Yet, as the days of the fulfillment of His promise wears long, discouragement seeps in. Being in the belly of the whale stinks. Stomach juices sting us, the smells of digestion overwhelm, the hopelessness of our position seems certain. Remember, God gave His word. He takes it as a matter of character to keep it.

When ultimate victory is long in coming, never give up hope that it is coming; God is still actively working on our behalf even though we may not see it with our eyes. He gives us assurance daily that He is faithful. Ever seen a sunrise? A testimony of His faithfulness. Get in the Book because it's full of testamonies of God's faithfulnes and sure participation in our lives. Rest and relax in the joyful assurance that if He says it, He will bring it to pass.

Dance, praise, and laugh in that knowledge.

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AZ Mom of Many Hats said...

wonderful post! It is hard and overwhelming living this life sometimes! I know that I am a steward of this life that He has given me. When I try to be the author and the controller of it, I lose my way. Not that there is no stress when I do remember that He is in control, but in remembering that He is in control, the storms are much easier to weather! Thanks for the reminder!!!!

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