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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Working Relationships

I wonder too much sometimes. That's the problem with having brains. I use them and ponder. I wonder things like: how many friends would we have if we treated them the way we treat God?

If we treated them with the same flippant disregard we treat Him, if we only wanted to take from them and not give? How many friends would we have?

What if we only talked to them when we wanted something, or needed something? The rest of the time, we shunned them because they are high maintenance? They actually expect a little respect, concern, care. How long would such a friend stick around?

Ten, maybe fifteen minutes.

Yet, we often treat God this way. We won't give Him the time of day unless we need or want something. We don't talk with Him daily, yet we text people that actually matter to us incessantly. We expect God to do all the giving; we do all the taking. What a nice convenient (yet parasitic) relationship.

I wonder how fulfilling such a relationship is for God.

I look at the imbalance; how much did He give in order to have relationship with us? Ever seen The Passion of the Christ? The quality of His sacrifice is in direct correlation to how much He values us.

Let's examine the flip side.

What have we sacrificed for Him lately that would demonstrate how much we value relationship with Him? Anything? How much time do we spend reading the Bible? Or, thinking about Him? Or, speaking words that would delight Him? What kinds of things do we say that indicate how we really feel about relationship with Him?

I heard a relative make a sarcastic remark about not attending church. In response to a gentle bit of humor I made about getting out of church by being in the hospital, she said, "If I don't want to go to church, I won't go. I don't need the hospital for an excuse." How selfish can a person get? God has given her the very breath in her lungs, He's healed her of cancer, He's given her beautiful and healthy children. He's provided a way when no one else on the planet even cared. And this is the thanks He gets?

It is sad to make light of the privilege in having relationship with God.

I think of the great sacrifice to Him, the cost to Him and countless others so that we have the freedom to worship and this is the kind o flip ingratitude He receives? God forgive us.

I examine my own attitude about Him; God, never let me get so calloused or ungrateful that I treat you like You don't matter or, that I don't appreciate everything You've done for me. The very breath I breathe is a gift from you. Let me never forget everything you sacrificed so that I can have the air in my lungs to praise You. Help me remember so that such unfeeling things never tumble from my lips.

I hurt for Him; how His heart must ache at such thoughtlessness.

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I Love Dancing in the Leaves
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