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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Walking the Walk

In the larger scheme of things, it amazes me how much God is interested in the smaller scheme of things. When I feel small and insignificant, unnoticed, and unimportant, He has a way a letting me know that I matter; my time here matters; my contribution matters. Nothing I’ve ever done for Him or in His name is wasted or forgotten. He notices. He remembers.

Yet some days it’s hard to hold onto that.

I am a person of high standards; I like quality in everything that I do so it’s hard when I fail or miss the mark. No one beats me up more than me. Then, when I am on my knees before Him, He speaks encouragement to me. When I devour His Word, He speaks kindly to me, teaching me that it’ll all work out. He takes the time to notice me, my pain, my sincere heart, and He comments on that. He notices every nuance of my person; every tilt of my head, every gaze, every praise from my lips.

God moves in mysterious ways.

Time and again He’s shown me how much He’s committed to me. God committed to me. It is natural that I should commit my life, my self to Him, but Him to me? How staggering the thought. The God of all creation is committed to me—a nobody, a nothing. By His high esteem I am changed. I am validated and qualified to come out from the dung heap into His marvelous light. It is His validation, selection, and by His mighty hand that I am created. I am recreated, reformed, transformed into someone of great personal value to Him.

By the world's standard I may continue in my unimportance, but God holds me in high esteem. I hold that truth tightly and wait for His Word to me. I wait with an expectant heart, an open ear. I wait for His confirmation of me. Meantime, He continues to refine me and work on my behalf.

And once again, the Person He is amazes me.


Jane said...

Oh Debbi - watch those words...."you are nothing?" Girl - YOU are God's workmanship - that is something else - and He esteems you over all of his creation - so much so that He gave His ONLY Son for you! Believe me - He's got His eye on you - and He will not leave you until you are perfection and ready to move on up higher - that's His number one priority in your life! Take heart and encouragement and continue the journey - just look who's on your side!!!

Debbi said...

Jane: As is your gifting, you've encouraged me. In my blog I share the battle of the mind that we all go through. It amazes me how many people think that my personality type never gets down. FALSE! I just never stay down. Blessings and thanks for the words.

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I Love Dancing in the Leaves
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