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Sunday, December 5, 2010

How are you Molding your Clay?

You are what you eat. Old slogan. Timeless truth.

The Word is clear on this: Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Bodies. Physical flesh. Hands, feet, arms, faces. Are we caring for these clay temples? Tents, Paul called it. I wonder how many Christians actually agree with the Word—God’s decree—on the topic.

Do you agree with God? The evidence is written in your physical body.

How have you cared for your temple? Are you overweight, soft-fleshed, malnourished? Do you eat properly? Exercise regularly? Do you get enough sleep? What kinds of entertainment do you choose? If it’s sitting in front of a computer or television, can you change it to something physically beneficial?

Is your temple lean and mean?

You can’t fight effectively unless you’re on top of your game. I look at the sorry condition most of America is in physically; the Christian community is no exception. We are the only nation in the world with fat poor children; sad but true. Sadder still, it’s preventable. By our continual slipping into lackadaisical flabbiness, we are lured closer and closer to destruction.

The Christian walk is a complete walk.

It is impossible to be Christian only in spiritual things. God says otherwise. Every part of our existence—finances, physical bodies, mental capacity, included—is Christian. We like to compartmentalize. It makes us feel better.

I used to weigh 265 pounds.

On my five foot, five inch frame, you can imagine how hard life was for me. Through the grace of God, I lost 147 pounds and am now exercising regularly. It escaped my notice just how sad my physical state had become until I started exercising. Now I feel it if I don’t exercise. There is a freedom in offering my physical body a living sacrifice to God. He gave it to me; the least I can do is keep it fit. The added benefit is that I am no longer dragging around 147 pounds; I am healthier today than I have been in many years.

I have a ways to go and I am learning to feed my temple properly. This means I don’t always get my way; getting my way got me morbidly obese. God’s way is much better. My goal for the New Year will include better nutrition and more exercise as a form of worship to my beautiful Creator for giving me this temple.

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I Love Dancing in the Leaves
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