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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Brother's Keeper

Oswald Chambers writes, “Has it ever dawned on you that you are responsible spiritually to God for other people?” Yikes. Is he kidding? Nope. Yet many of us live like we are an entity unto ourselves, as if we exist in a vacuum.

Stop it.

Get the “to God” part of that sentence. Whether or not you agree is of no importance; the fact still remains that you will stand before Him to explain your choices in life. We don’t have the luxury of living any way we choose and shirking our Christian responsibility to one another.

I know many who attend church on Sunday morning and head straight from there to party at the neighborhood bar. I know many who slink into bars on Saturday night, grab a sex-partner for the evening and, yep, you guessed it, are in church Sunday praising God. To these, church is a social club; it makes them feel good. But, these people are not in relationship with Christ; in fact, it is safe to say they haven’t got the vaguest inkling about Christ other than He’s that guy who was in the film The Passion of the Christ.

If you’re one of these, you need to know: By your example, you teach your children to be superficial, disconnected, and phony in relationships. By your example, you tell the world exactly who you are: deluded and fake.

Such individuals will argue with the Word of God. I’ve actually had this conversation: Me, ‘The Bible teaches that your mouth speaks what your heart is full of. (This individual cusses like a trucker).’ Her reply, ‘Well, I have a different opinion about that.’

Really? You disagree with God?

So, what she’s repeatedly demonstrated to me is that since her opinion ranks higher than God’s, she’ll keep right on with her filthy communication. Imagine what this tells the soul searching for a relationship with Him. “Hey, you blanket-blank, let me tell you about my blanking relationship with Jesus.”

Yeah, right. What she’s full of is self not Christ.

I know of mothers who sleep around (because it’s the thing you do at the end of each date—if the guy doesn’t smell) and are rendered ineffective to teach their daughters anything about remaining sexually pure. When I mentioned that the Bible calls adultery and fornication sin, she offers her opinion. She says, “But it’s fun.” She too, is setting her own logic above God’s. That would add idolatry to her growing list.

So, if you go to church on Sunday and live exactly as you please the rest of the time, you aren’t doing God or humanity a service; in a very real sense it is an act of hatred toward those you profess to love. Worse, it is an act of indifference.

When you put “I” on the altar of worship, when you refuse to be deprived of any pleasure, it’s a supremely selfish and ugly homage to the depravity the Jesus Christ came to free you from.

How you live will have eternal impact on those you profess to love. From today onward, how will you choose to live: in self or in Christ?

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