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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Choice Factor

Life is about the choices we make. When we invest in a stock, we expect to reap the reward of that investment. When we eat properly, we expect to reap the reward of that choice. When we perform well at work, we expect to reap the consequences of that choice.

Yet, when it comes to making a poor decision, it’s a human tendency to run from the consequences, or worse, blame the choice on someone else.

For example, a woman choosing to have sex without birth control, and ends up pregnant; or a man chooses to stop paying his taxes, and ends up in jail; or a teenager chooses to try drugs, and ends up addicted; all of these things are the results of individual choices. Each person is endowed with the right (and responsibility) to make their own choices. It’s God’s wish that we learn to make only good choices, but He leaves the final choosing up to us.

We’ve known people in some or all of these instances. How many who get caught in reaping the consequences of their own poor choices actually stand up and admit they’ve sinned and will take what’s coming to them?

A wise man once said, “Of course you should love your enemies. You made them.”

In America, there is a deadly thread of thought woven into the fabric of our culture: “You’re a victim. It’s not your fault.”

This blanket absolution kills the soul. It circumvents God’s natural order and way of teaching His children how to make proper choices. Too many people get in God’s way and thereby actually contribute to a person’s demise.

Is it an act of love to prevent someone from learning a valuable life-lesson? Is it an act of love to offer a person a way out other than God’s way?

To repeatedly chant that nothing we’ve ever done is our fault, is a great disservice to our society. It’s smothering because it never holds people accountable for their choices; it is an act of cruelty. There’s nothing loving about it.

Yet, we’ve convinced ourselves that we know better than God. We’ve come up with therapy sessions, social service programs, and intervention groups. We’ve legalized abortion so that there will be no unwanted pregnancies. The big lie in this movement is that it was supposed to end unwanted children. Only children who are wanted would be born. It would eliminate child abuse. This was the mantra of prochoice zealots.

These decades later, is that the case? Both unwanted pregnancies and child abuse are at an all time high. So much for man’s logic. Yet these were the lies proponents fed us, and we made choices. Some chose to do nothing, and their silence impacted the voting. Others abandoned God’s camp, tired of the rhetoric, and compromised with the world.

Have we as a Christian community stood up, confessed our sin (of either indifference, or defection) and asked for God’s forgiveness? Have we measured our own actions according to the Bible to ensure we’re living out a biblical worldview?

I encourage each of you to examine all of your own choices. Where have you strayed from God’s plumb line? Where have you been silent when you should have spoken up? Ask God for forgiveness and then get back on your feet, ready for walking in His light.

I’ll close my rant with this thought: When issues of culture clash with the Bible it is always the culture that is at fault. Always.

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Jane said...

A good rant Debbi - and so much truth and insight. Ahh wouldn't we all like to change some choices we've made - but we can change our attitudes, and as you state, ask God's forgiveness and move into a way of life with Him - checking with Him first before making choices. That's always a good rule of thumb!

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