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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Be Ready

Be ready is different from get ready. The Christian walk is one of constant preparation, but at some point there is a "be" ready. Applying this to my writing, I could spend a lifetime reading about the craft, practicing, preparing, but if I never get to doing I'm not going to progress. Sometime I have to stop collecting information; sometime, I have to take the plunge and write. Not only write, but send it off to the editor, take the risk. Take the risk and knock on agent's doors.

Frankly, this stinks but it's necessary to grow and improve as an artist. The truth is that I can have all the natural talent in the world, but if I never prepare, grow, improve, it will amount to nothing. So, as a student studies for years to earn a degree, I too, put in necessary work and sweat so that I will be published. I don't want a publisher to finally knock on my door and wait while I scramble to get my manuscripts up to snuff.

Be ready, not get ready.

3 comments: said...

One thought more, Debbi.

At some point, the "getting ready" has to arrive at "ready as I can get." Otherwise, nothing reaches a publisher, no event is ever launched, and no goal is finally fulfilled.

So how about "Get ready", know when readiness is "ready enough", and then you'll "be ACTIVELY ready."

Niki Anderson, author of Whiskers, Wit, and Wisdom

Debbi said...

Niki: Wise words! You are correct; thanks for the input.

Jane said...

Getting ready is a process and we continue to grow even as we're in that process. Thank the Lord He is ever helping us to grow and go forward and progress in the process.'re right! There comes a time when you've got to put your toe in the water (harking back to Joshua and the Israelites) if you ever want to get into the Promised Land!

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