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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Only in Jesus is There Life After Stupid

Great sentiment. Truth nonetheless. I think back over my life at how many choices I’ve made that belong in the “stupid” column. It’s just a rough estimate but that column alone should reach the moon any day now.

Enter Jesus.

In worship, I sometimes reflect on where He’s brought me from. Coming into relationship with Him, I had nothing to bring to the table except junk that shouldn’t have been there in the first place: Destructive habits, stinking thinking, poor character, bad judgment, and flaws too numerous to mention. Not one desirable thing could I offer Him except my heart, and even that was broken and beat up.

Jesus accepted my offering.

What a difference He made! When looking at where I started and where I am today, I cannot explain how He did it, but I give Him glory for the great, tedious, and steadfast transformation He’s accomplished in me. No matter how big the obstacle, no matter how black the journey, no matter how bitter the trial, He’s never been hampered by it. Not one stupid seed I’ve ever sown has been beyond His ability to transform. How amazing is that?

It’s as if He changes the nature of the seed.

Take it from someone who’s walked through the barren blackness of despair; Jesus is able. He is willing. He is waiting to transform you. No matter what you’ve done or how many failures you’ve had. None of it is more that He can restore. You can try other things, you can grab for do-it-yourself quick-fixes, you can medicate, you can ignore, but nothing fixes stupid like Jesus does.


Afsoon and Shapour said...


I have visited your blog and enjoyed it very much. It has a great inspiration.

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God Bless,


Debbi said...

Thanks, Shapour, I'll look at your weblog. Glad you stopped by mine.

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