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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Betrayal by Jerry Jenkins

I must admit I've not read many of Jenkins' books. The few I have read were worthwhile--including The Betrayal. Jenkins may be the master of witnessing on the sly as his main character (Boone Drake) navigates the plot. This detective fiction is action-packed, with more curves and turns than a bag full of paperclips. Boone is a police officer who has been seriously wounded in the line of duty, but is a fighter. Perhaps that is his most redeeming quality--he never gives up. As the plot unfolds, it becomes clear that Boone was betrayed, but finding the betrayer's identity proves challenging. There are times when the pace is riveting and it's a race to turn the pages. Yet, Jenkins slows to plot from time to time to allow the reader to breathe.

Boone and his girlfriend struggle with walking a Christian walk, both have made their share of mistakes, but are now living right. Yet, they're hit square in the face with the results of past sins. I give Jenkins kudos for not sugar-coating this aspect of walking with Christ. Christianity isn't for wimps. Jenkins does a good job portraying nominal Christians and the struggles they have in trying to combine the world with their faith. No soft-soaping, he just puts them out there and lets the reader experience them.

Basically a plot-driven novel, a couple of the characters shine. I personally fell in love with Carl (a relatively minor character). What a hoot! All in all, this is a quick and thrilling read that shares the gospel in an unassuming way.


Rita Garcia said...

Can't wait to read The Betrayal! Thanks for sharing this review!

Jerry Jenkins said...

Thanks for doing this, Debbi. I had a lot of fun with Carl. :)

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