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Monday, August 1, 2011

Take the Jump

Our God is an awesome God. I struggle with keeping Him high above all else. He's the creator of the world; by His mention I breathe, exist. Though many curse Him with the very breath He gives, He still gives it. Always, always He desires real relationship, deeper intimacy, and authentic covenant union with us.

Think of it.

By His word, the world continues being. By His word, the sun rises and sets--even for the millions who hate His guts and treat Him like a byproduct. By His word, your heart continues beating, your lungs continue taking in oxygen. I think of how deep His love to tolerate such thanklessness from those who live simply because He wills it.

Love so amazing.

So, here I sit, thinking. Do I continue on with the same old comfortable relationship I now have with Him? Or, do I dive into the depths of His being, casting all abandon to the wind? What does He want? Is He fulfilled with the way we now relate? Do I even consider what's in this relationship for Him? How much of me do I give Him? How much will I give Him?

Personally, I despise mediocrity.

I can't stomach mundane, or status quo. I'm jumping. I'm coming out of the wilderness, out of the comfortable, uneventful folds of the mediocre. I jump into the unknown depths of Jesus, casting off all self-consideration. I don't give a flying fig what others think. I don't care if I look foolish. I don't care if I am foolish. I'm jumping.

I want Him to delight in our relationship. I want Him to smile when I come into a room. I want Him to be well-pleased with this child. I don't want to stand before Him one day and hear, "Well, you did pretty good." I want to give Him a full reward for His investment in me. I want to hear, “Well done!”


Jane said...

I'm reading the book you gave me "Coming Out of the Wilderness" and it is so good! I agree - if we want true adventure along with contentment - we have to cast our self-centeredness aside and be committed to Him alone. I've always admired Caleb and Joshua -now I understand why.

Jenny Mertes said...

This sentence will stick with me and inspire me today: "I'm coming out of the wilderness, out of the comfortable, uneventful folds of the mediocre." Thank you!

Rita Garcia said...

Me too, I want to hear "Well done!" Thanks for the blessing!

Dixie Phillips said...

Sooooo good. I loved every bite. Did you feel the earthquake? Don't worry.... That was just me doing the HAPPY DANCE. ;-) I see the SON in your eyes.

I Love Dancing in the Leaves

I Love Dancing in the Leaves
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