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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pursuing Jesus

It’s amazing the levels of relationship Christ offers each of us. Which will you choose?

 I recently listened to a message by the late David Wilkerson about pursuing intimacy with Jesus. Wow! I encourage you to watch it:

I left the sermon with a strong desire toward deeper intimacy with Christ. I’ve never been one to like lukewarm, half-effort. Yet, one thing that struck me from this sermon is that most people (like the children of Israel of Moses’ time) actually prefer God’s provision over God’s presence. Accepting goodies and blessing from God is easy; it’s comfortable and we do all the getting, He does all the giving. What a great arrangement!

Great for whom?

While getting and receiving blessing is a part of knowing Jesus, it’s not all that fulfilling for Him if that’s all it is. We become greedy and gluttonous despots demanding things from Him as if He’s some divine vending machine. This relationship is good for the tick, not the host.

What do you miss by seeking only God’s provision? Intimacy. Richness. Quality.

The children of Israel knew about God; Moses knew God personally, face to face. He knew God’s manner and ways, His heart’s desire and preferences. Moses’ relationship with God transcended the tick/host relationship of the rest of the “Christians” around him. Knowing God personally takes more work, it requires sacrifices of time and energy. Are you willing to go there with Him?

Find a secret room to seek His face, to seek Him rather than things from Him. You won’t be disappointed. As I said at the beginning, it’s amazing the levels of relationship Christ offers each of us. Which will you choose?

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Debbie said...

Debbi, completely agree with you. Too often Christians do view God's blessings as candy from a vending machine. I love your analogy of the tick and host. How sad that we often take and take and never try to really know Christ. To never have a real relationship with Christ. How sad.

In church today our pastor reminded us that we often hear the phrase "don't follow the man, follow Christ" However, how can new Christians know how to follow Christ or have a relationship with Jesus without someone to teach, train or guide them. That is why in Philippians 3 Paul tells them to "follow me" to use him as an example. I can't think of Christian that had a more personal relationship with Christ.

Great post Debbi.

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