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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dying for Christ, or Living for Him

“Greater love has no one that this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends…” John 15:13.

The irony here is that many are ready to die for Christ. Few are willing to live for Him. So, you’re willing to die for Him. Are you willing to live for Him?

To live for Him requires you dying to your own will and desires. It requires constant refusal to indulge in your own ambitions and dreams if they conflict with His. To live for Him requires you to surrender things that are perfectly okay for everyone else.

In Second Corinthians, Paul talks about this. He celebrated his misfortunes and weakness because they kept him from getting a big head, and they clearly demonstrated Jesus at work in his life. As he ticked off the list of his calamities and disability, he also celebrated that Jesus was ever more present and powerful in the dismal situations.

Take a look at your life.

You may have a list of talents a mile long. Praise God, He gave them to you. You may have resources and contacts that would make Donald Trump envious. Praise God, He gave them to you. Let’s look at the spiritual side and see.

What’s on that list?

Have you ever operated out of your weakness? Operating out of weakness is scary, it’s eschewed—even hated by our culture, but it builds trust because we are no longer relying on our comfortable standbys: our ability, ingenuity, grit, talent—our anything.

It demolishes bragging rights.

What is the mountain in your life? When you look at it and step out in faith in weakness, knowing that if Jesus doesn’t come through, it won’t happen, you are stepping into the arena of the miraculous. Operating out of our weakness is an open declaration that we can’t fix everything. It shouts that Jesus is the Master of everything, not just segments of our lives. It’s surrendering to the knowledge that He is all powerful, we are not. It’s an opportunity to let Him be large in your life. You have a choice.

Let Him be large in your life.

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