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Sunday, July 14, 2013

God is Pilot, or Still Copilot?

About face. It’s a military term meaning turn around…in the opposite direction. It’s often great advice for the Christian. Where are you headed? Look around you. Are there people in your life that lead you away from Christ? Are there areas of your person that remain unsurrendered? Where are you holding the reigns when Christ should be holding them?

Some years back a popular slogan began popping up everywhere. It read: God is my copilot. What’s wrong with that picture? Co, as in assistant, backup, second in command. God is copilot for far too many of His children. What would have happened in your childhood home if you strolled in one morning and told your mom or dad to take a breather, you were going to be running the show from now on, and would only consult them if something went wrong? How long would it have taken them to “help you see reality”?

You do this to God daily. You do it in your actions, words, and thoughts. This all too human tendency is able to whittle away at your relationship with God until you wake one day and don’t know who He is anymore. He’s a stranger and you’ve drifted far from Him; in drifting from Him, you drift to sin. How’d you get derailed? Actions, words, and thoughts.

Action: You move forward in life and life things without ever consulting Him. You make spending decisions without understanding the biblical instructions He’s laid down so that you can prosper. You go to places, watch programming, and read books without ever consulting Him. Ask: Is this the right move for me? Is this the right financial decision for me? Is this book going to impair my relationship with you, God? And don’t forget to listen for the answer. He often speaks through His word so reading the Bible daily is essential.

Words and Thoughts: You’ll give an accounting of every word you’ve ever spoken when you stand before God. Have you ever given serious thought to that? Words bring life and they bring death. Are you speaking life words daily? Do you repent when you’ve said something you shouldn’t? Do the things coming out of your mouth draw you closer to Him or help you drift farther away? It’s the same with our thoughts. What you think about will determine what you become. Look at your life and yourself. It is the result of choices made and thoughts you’ve dwelt on.

When I was morbidly obese, I had to confront the thoughts that led be to be in that condition. No amount of my saying it was stress or someone else’s fault got me off the hook. The simple truth is that I was fat because I ate too much. When I repented and took responsibility for my thoughts and actions, I was able to lose 128 pounds—without pills, surgery, or exercise. How transformational is that?

The same can be true for you. Let God be your pilot, let Him lead, and then be obedient to what He tells you. Start today to repair your relationship with Him so that you will not drift away from the only One in life that is truly indispensable.


Tony Cleaver said...

Very good post. You didn't miss a mark. I liked when you said "How’d you get derailed? Actions, words, and thoughts." I think too that we, as Christians, can also allow our lives to 'get off track' (become derailed) by a lack of these things - or by our very inaction's. It is quite possible that the near 'train wreck' that our society is in today, has far more to do with the things that God's people are either saying - or neglecting to say - than it was to do with anything else we might blame. So glad to hear your voice in this matter. Thank you for putting God first.

Deborah Vaughn said...

Tony: Thanks for your thoughtful remarks and sharing your own views. God's richest blessings to you as you continue to journey with Him.

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