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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Learn to Think: Lesson 1

We live in a culture that is biblically illiterate. It's deadly. It's a mistake. It’s the offspring of post-modern dogma that permeates our collective thought processes. Post-modernity teaches that the group decides truth. Whether or not it actually is truth is immaterial. The post-modernist is more concerned with discussion. Truth, then, is what the group decides. The underlying foundation of post-modernity is: do not think, discuss.

Media adds to this disassociation between man and the Bible by jumping on the post-modern bandwagon convincing us that information is the same as thinking. It isn’t. The late Ray Bradbury had this advice for writers: “Stay off the internet. It’s crap! It’s all crap. It gives you bits of information with no merit. It teaches you to have a fragmented mind, but not to think,” (paraphrased from Point Loma Writer’s by the Sea lecture).

PM mandates that literature means what I think it means. The author’s intention is irrelevant. Nowhere is that more deadly than in application of the Word of God. This cancerous ideology has infiltrated the mindsets of Christian writers and leaders to the point that we now operate from this viewpoint: What does the Bible mean to you (the consumer). What does it mean to the consumer? Seriously?

What God’s word means to God is the only relevant point.

It is His intention and only His intention that carries weight. Whether we like it or whether we don’t is irrelevant. Whether we agree with Him or whether we don’t is irrelevant. Studying His word takes effort and we’re lazy. We want someone to break it down into tiny, tasty bits that we approve of. Fragments of partial truths that make us feel good, but prevent us from thinking and searching for ourselves. Fragments just keep us existing, but prevent spiritual maturity and deeper relationship with God. We stumble along, malnourished and languishing—and completely unaware of our starved spiritual states.

God gave each of you a magnificent brain; learn to use it. Think for yourselves, search His word for yourselves. Develop your own relationship with Christ. And for your soul’s sake stop allowing the media, post-modernity, and the film industry sell you the lie that information-sharing is the same as thinking. God’s gift of thought is yours to develop. I entreat you to develop yours to the full.


Mick said...

Still no substitute for thinking. :)

Nicely said, Debbi.

Deborah Vaughn said...

Thanks for your comment, Mick, and for helping me hit my goal of 8000 hits. Be blessed, friend.

Dixie Phillips said...

Excellent read. God has given you a tremendous gift of writing.

Deborah Vaughn said...

Dixie: Thanks for the encouragement, sister! It's much appreciated.

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