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Friday, October 24, 2014

Know who you are. Be who you are.

How can you be who you are if you don't know who you are? It's a great question, yet my experience tells me that many Christians don't have any real clue who they are, who they are in Christ, and how to function in their own creational giftedness. These stumble and stagger through life never fulfilling their call, never being fulfilled.

I used to be like that.

There was never a shortage of people telling me how to talk, walk, even telling me what expressions to have on my face. Many of my own gifts were explained away as sins! Sins! How we bite and devour one another. The end result was that I learned to deny my person, and buried all of my talents and abilities. Crippling; and I suffered for it. The irony here is that God also suffered for it. How it wounded Him for me to believe that the way He created me was not pleasing to Him.

Enter the Life Languages Profile.

When I took the LL profile, my world changed. God stepped into my life, interrupting the destructive process that I'd accepted. He showed me who I am, how I am, and that the way I am created was purposeful. He did it on purpose. When I read my profile for the first time, I was so overwhelmed and overjoyed I could hardly put two words together. That day was pivotal and turned me from lies to truth. It's been many years now but I'm still walking in the truth of who I am and why God gifted me as I am. It’s enabled me to serve the Body of Christ in a powerful and purposeful way.

Learning to be comfortable in my own skin was monumental, but there's more! I've also learned to speak other life languages and praise God for creating in them gifts that pleased Him. We praise God when we accept others and understand they will view the world through the lens God placed in them. We reach through their filter, to meet their need, to ignite their passion, to develop their character.

I'd love for everyone to share this same epiphany and the freedom it brings, but there are some who do not want to change. With knowledge comes accountability. I've even had some take issue with my trying to communicate in their language to meet their need. I am saddened by unwillingness to engage and the preference for complacency this demonstrates. We do love our comfort. One person even stated he/she felt that trying to reach through their filter to meet their need was being phony.

Trying to meet someone's need is phony? In whose dictionary?

What is tragic in such examples is the fear and insecurity that lies beneath. Learning to communicate, to move outside one's comfort zone in an effort to connect is a good thing. That some are going to choose to shut you out is their problem. When they blame you for trying to connect, see it for what it is: fear and ignorance.

We're often afraid of hard work, unknown, and risk.

LL is a way out, it is a way to first understand God and yourself, and then to understand others. It can be a tool for deep and meaningful relationships if you use it, if you're willing to take an honest look at all the wonderful attributes God piled into you. But be warned, not everyone wants to go there; honor their choice and move on.

Though I'm not in any way connected with this organization, I do encourage you to take the plunge and learn how uniquly God created you. Let me know what you've decided. Here's the link: 

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Jenny Mertes said...

Life Languages helped me too, Debbi. My results weren't as definitive as yours, and I remember being surprised and even disagreeing with them, but I gained an insight into my own behavior that was invaluable. Then, when my husband did his profile, it helped us both see where we matched up and where there would be cross-talk. I highly recommend Life Languages for anyone in ministry, management, or marriage. :)

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